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Covid 19 Clean Up

How to clean your home to prevent COVID-19 spread

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There are a lot of questions and concerns regarding the rumours and myths on what works and what does not when it comes to cleaning up during these pandemic times.

More importantly, there are concerns on how to clean up safely.

We provide both Proactive and Reactive cleaning and sanitize/disinfect services for both large office areas, commercial spaces and residential homes

It helps a lot to understand what we are cleaning by reviewing this video that we did for CTV News the other day:

As you can see, there are films of matter on surfaces you cannot see and these films can harbor viruses.

For true sanitizing we need to remove 99.9% of the microbes. It is extremely unlikely that any spray of any kind is going to penetrate the film left of irregularly cleaned surfaces and offer a sanitize claim, let alone a disinfection claim.

The surfaces we offer are true cleaning wipe downs-clean and application of disinfectant.

For more information about our disinfection protocol and safety measures, or to learn more about the Pandemic Response & Bio-Security Planning, please email us at

We have added this to the beginning and end of our cleaning protocol for the safety of our workers and to leave a residual that will take care of the germs we are worried about that are deep in the pores of the surface being cleaned.

Let me know if we can be of help.

Lee Senter
President, CFCRA
IICRC Vice-Chair of Standards

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